meryl and john bonner

ORGANIC TREE juice bar, cafe, and marketplace

OUR MISSION is to make a valuable contribution to the
health & happiness of our community,
Empowering Personal Health Care and Vibrant, Energetic Living through the consumption of Fresh Organic Foods, Juicing and Detoxification Practices, and Herbal Medicine.

It is of utmost importance to us to run our business (live) in integrity,
and alignment with our values:
Honor, & Live In Relationship with the Earth,
Love and Care For Each Other, and “Do No Harm.”

We are thrilled to be serving the community with the very best ORGANIC juices, tonics, and vegan food to FEEL YOUR BEST. This has been a lifelong dream and we are so grateful for the opportunity and for everyone that has helped make this happen. It is our intention to serve, educate, and spread the word of natural, healing foods as medicine and specifically the power of green vegetable juice and wheatgrass. We are stoked to bring quality superfoods, drinks, and herbal energy to the people.

We are doing our best to:

– reduce waste. This is very important to us. We have close to zero food waste. We use whole foods, and we practice food preservation techniques such as fermenting, drying, freezing, and pickling. We use our excess juice pulp to feed chickens, to compost into soil, and to turn into other food ingredients like veggie stock. You are welcome to pick up as much Organic juice pulp as you would like.

– no single use containers, most importantly plastics. We use and support glass and recycled (or recyclable) material packaging, from our juice jars, to our utensils, to our retail items on the shelf. We encourage re-use of your purchased containers with us, and repurposing them at home. We do not buy or sell items packaged in excess plastic, nor tiny, single-use containers.

– do no harm. Take care of each other, our animals, and the planet. we support a plant based diet rooted in health, and devoid of exploitation of our animals, resources, and people.

– slow food (not fast food.) We are concerned with the brightest, organic, and as local as possible ingredients. We are enchanted by the vibrancy, health, and energy behind the food and juice that we serve. The slow food movement is about preserving traditional food making, and promoting the pleasure and taste of well sourced and thoughtfully prepared plates. “Just slow things down and it becomes more beautiful.” – DL

– bulk items. Interested in purchasing something in greater volume? Just ask. Our 32oz juice size is unique in our industry, and the most “bang for your buck” organic juice in glass you’ll find.

– support local goods & makers. The majority of our retail items are made within our own community by people we know – supporting families, small businesses, and ecologically sound practices.

– education as empowerment, especially when it comes to your health and the health of those you love. We’re concerned with spreading the knowledge and high vibrations of a plant-based lifestyle, herbal medicines, and organic food practices. We are always learning, we are always growing.

Made with Love, Full of Joy.

Each Organic Tree juice ingredient and market product is thoughtfully sourced from the very highest quality growers, farms, and suppliers we can find.

We work with fellow humans that are as dedicated as we are to perpetuating the sustainability of our precious resources.