offers juice + smoothies + food + products + medicinal elixirs + herbs & supplements
that we know and have experienced
to be essential, important, and helpful on this journey.

we would like to assist you in discovering greater health,
peace, and energy in your life
through strengthening your relationship to our allies;
the plant healers of the earth.

the medicines of the natural realm contain the highly intelligent design of the cosmos, the earth, sun, and the spirit of life force.

through consumption of these medicines and natural remedies,
we develop a more highly tuned relationship with our bodies + life around us.
we feel better, and more alive.
we believe that this is the cure.

Bring your clean jar with you to refill, and receive a $1 discount on your juice for saving a glass jar, lid, and our logo sticker.

[ This discount always applies to your own containers. We are encouraging the practice of reusing, rather than simply throwing out, making our waste another’s responsibility. Recycling, while very beneficial, requires a heap of energy. If we work together, we can create sustainable habits that benefit us all. ]

We will also take your clean jars back to sanitize and reuse, but we do not give “jar credits.” We are a small business not equipped as a recycling center. We appreciate your effort in returning the jars! Otherwise, they can be recycled by you, or repurposed!!

Use them for storing bulk dried foods, pickling, canning, storing cleaning supplies, as planters, or gifted to someone you love who could use a juice!

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